5 Tips to Find a Murray Taylorsville House Before the End of the Year

Traditionally, looking for and then eventually purchasing a home can take some time, but there are ways you can adapt in order to speed up the process. In order to make your goal a reality, let’s go over 5 tips to find a Murray Taylorsville house before the end of the year.

Run the Numbers

Just as you would when buying a home under any circumstances, everything starts by looking over your current finances and budgeting appropriately. 

Since we’re attempting to have everything wrapped up on a condensed schedule to get you into a new house before the end of the year, you may hit some walls when getting approved for different loans. This may depend on the amount of money you already have saved for buying a home, so be prepared for lenders to seem a bit hesitant from the get-go. 

The biggest reason this step is so important is that knowing your financial boundaries helps inform the rest of your home buying journey.

Be Decisive

With your finances squared away, the next step is coming up with a list of wants and needs. 

It’s important to differentiate between these two categories because it’s unlikely you’re going to get absolutely everything you want when trying to buy a house so quickly. This means making up your mind regarding what you truly need to get from your new home and sticking to that when moving forward. 

It’s also a good idea to think of the function of your home over the next five or ten years so that you don’t find yourself needing to go through this whole process all over again in a handful of years.

Call for Help

While we would normally recommend hiring on the services of a qualified and experienced real estate professional, it’s going to be even more important to do so here. 

Meet with at least three different agents to get an idea of their personality, investment in your situation, and ability to both think on their feet and answer your questions thoughtfully. Your agent will be invaluable in guiding you to properties that meet your criteria while having the connections to push through paperwork and communications during negotiations. 

By taking that extra load of background work off of your shoulders you’ll be able to focus on pursuing the property and have an easier time thinking through everything from the initial offer to closing.

Hit the Listings Hard

If you have hired an agent, they will immediately go about finding properties that meet your criteria. However, it’s also good for you to take it upon yourself to do some searching on your own. 

Agents will leverage their Multiple Listing Services, or MLS, to start sending you options, but there’s always a chance that a motivated seller with a property that fits the bill could fly under their radar. 

If you do happen to find a property in which you are interested, let your agent know so they can get in contact with the party and get the ball rolling on a walkthrough.

Minimize Your Contingencies

Once you have blazed a trail through the home search and feel that you are ready to put in an offer, it’s best to keep negotiations short and sweet. 

The best way to accomplish this is by cutting your list of contingencies to the bone. If you are getting a loan through a mortgage lender, they will require an appraisal and home inspection. Both of these can be accomplished relatively quickly and should not pose a threat to your timeline assuming they come back with good news. 

Not requiring a laundry list of additional inspections and repairs is a surefire way to provide the seller with an offer they can’t refuse.

Guidance in Buying a House Before the End of the Year

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Eric Douros is a Salt Lake based Realtor and Cash Home Buyer. Eric's realestate profession started in 2008. Today Eric and the team at Imagine Real Estate have helped clients realize their dreams when buying or selling their homes. In 2015 he started Utah Close Fast to help people who needed other quick cash options when selling a property. This includes as-is properties, differed maintenance, probate properties, or divorce. Eric can provide knowledge and experience to all transactions and be the guide you need to confidently buy or sell property.

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