3 Tips for Getting the Best Listing Photos in Murray Taylorsville

Most people today begin their home search online, so that’s where you have to make sure you create that critical great first impression. And you do that with your listing photos. Great listing photos make a potential buyer slow down, take a closer look, and read about how wonderful your home is. Read on for 3 tips for getting the best listing photos in Murray Taylorsville.

1. Tour Your Home as if You Were a Buyer

The best listing photos begin with the right preparation, that is, looking at things from the right perspective. Before you take any shots, walk around your house and imagine how it looks to someone who doesn’t live there, viewing it critically from a buyer’s perspective.

Try to assess each room from various angles. The reason for this is that you’re not really photographing your home. You are, rather, photographing a prospective buyer’s home. So you have to try to find the very best angles that capture all the important details and that show showcase your home’s best features while minimizing flaws and detractors.

If you find that you’re having difficulty viewing the house as anything but your home, you can consult a Murray Taylorsville agent for assistance. A good agent will have a keen eye for appeals to buyers and what turns buyers off and so will be able to help you choose the best, most appealing angles and views. To talk to an agent about this, just call (801) 755-3865.

2. Shoot Listing Photos at the Right Time of Day and in the Best Light

It is important that you take your listing photos at the right time of day and in the best light. These best times for shooting are often not what people think.

For example, you may be tempted to photograph your home’s exterior on a slightly overcast day, thinking that doing so will minimize shadows. But most experts agree that a sunny day and bright blue sky are better conditions. This is especially true if nice weather is one of the attractions you’re leveraging to sell your home.

And sellers want to take twilight shots because they can highlight great landscaping and make the home look cheery and inviting. But unless you’re a professional photographer, these twilight shots are just too difficult to pull off successfully and the window of time in which you can capture them is just too small.

It.s usually better to take photos during the day when the light is more predictable and the window of time is larger. Schedule your photo shoot when the sun is shining directly on the front of your home for the best effect. So, for example, for an east-facing home, you would shoot your photos in the morning.

3. Pay Careful Attention to Composition

Finally, you need to pay close attention to the composition of your listing photos, an ingredient of which is the height at which you take them.

There is some debate about the optimal height, but it is generally agreed that taking photos from the level chest height will yield good results. Even better to take photos from a height that best suits and best captures the contents of particular rooms.

What you want to do is get just the right balance of what’s in a room. This means striking the right balance between floor and ceiling along with the contents of the room so as to avoid having any dead space in a photo.

More Options for Listing Photos

If this all sounds more than a little complicated, that’s because it is – getting great listing photos is no easy task. You may, then, be better off hiring a professional real estate photographer. Your Murray Taylorsville agent can likely recommend some good ones from her network of professionals. And some agents even take listing photos themselves as part of the services they provide. That’s why, when you want to get the best listing photos in Murray Taylorsville, you should contact us at (801) 755-3865.


Eric Douros is a Salt Lake based Realtor and Cash Home Buyer. Eric's realestate profession started in 2008. Today Eric and the team at Imagine Real Estate have helped clients realize their dreams when buying or selling their homes. In 2015 he started Utah Close Fast to help people who needed other quick cash options when selling a property. This includes as-is properties, differed maintenance, probate properties, or divorce. Eric can provide knowledge and experience to all transactions and be the guide you need to confidently buy or sell property.

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