6 Tips For Staying Organized When Buying a House in Murray Taylorsville

Buying a house involves much more than just the fun, exciting part: viewing breathtaking homes, one of which may become yours. No, buying a house is a process – typically a fairly long and complex process with many interrelated parts such as managing finances, securing a mortgage, negotiating, and closing. And for all that to come off without a hitch, you have to stay organized. Here, then, are 6 tips for staying organized when buying a house in Murray Taylorsville.

1. Get Your Priorities Straight

The first step toward staying organized when buying a house in Murray Taylorsville is to get clear on your priorities. That is, you need to determine exactly what you need and what you want in a house, carefully distinguishing have-to-haves from like-to-haves. This will make house hunting and viewing more efficient.

A good way to begin is with the standard double-columned list, with columns headed “Needs” and “Wants.” Getting clear on this early on will allow you to easily reject houses that don’t meet your criteria, thus saving both time and effort.

2. Get Pre-Approval Paperwork in Order

Pre-approval is an important early step in the process of buying a house in Murray Taylorsville. Getting pre-approved assures that you’ll be seen as a serious buyer, and you’ll have more negotiating leverage. It’s an important step (before you ever begin touring homes), and organization will make it go much more smoothly.

Pre-approval requires nearly as much financial documentation as actually applying for the mortgage, so it pays to have all your needed paperwork in order. Typically, you’ll need (at least) proof of Social Security number, proof of income, documentation of employment history, list of assets, confirmation of ability to make the down payment, and a credit report including all outstanding debt, as well as a list of all your monthly expenses/payments.

3. Track Homes Viewed

Now here’s where organization really becomes critical during the process of buying a house in Murray Taylorsville. And that is in tracking the specifics of the homes you have viewed. You could even create a spreadsheet if you want to go all in.

Just be sure to record details like:

  • Style
  • Size
  • Features
  • Neighborhood characteristics
  • Number of rooms
  • Size of yard
  • Wants and needs ticked on your list

Your Murray Taylorsville can be a great asset in helping you do this. To discover more, just call (801) 755-3865.

4. Be Clear on Location and Amenities

Location is a paramount concern for anyone buying a house, so make sure you know what you want and that the location meets all your needs. This kind of organized clarity will help you avoiding wasting time on houses that ultimately aren’t right for you because the location is wrong.

And one important consideration when it comes to location is proximity to all the amenities you want. For example . . .

  • Are schools within walking distance”
  • Is there nearby shopping and dining?
  • How close are parks and playgrounds?
  • Is the street quiet enough to suit you?
  • Does the personality of the neighborhood fit with your lifestyle?

5. Take Smaller Bites

You’ve no doubt heard the old Q&A routine about eating an elephant. Question: “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: “One bite at a time.” The point is a job that seems intimidatingly huge or complex becomes manageable when you take smaller bites/steps and stay organized. And this is certainly true when it comes to the process of buying a house in Murray Taylorsville.

In order to avoid becoming overwhelmed, then, break it down into smaller tasks. A good tip here from real estate pros is not to review reports on your own, but rather in person with your agent. Your agent can save you a lot of time by explaining things to you, which will help expedite the process.

6. Use a Good Local Agent

If you really want to stay organized when buying a house in Murray Taylorsville, then make sure you use a qualified local agent who understands the ins and outs of the local market. After all, buying a house will likely be the largest financial transaction of your life, and you don’t want to make any enormously costly mistakes. With assistance from your Murray Taylorsville, you can stay organized, which will help you more easily make the right decisions. Our agents are ready to help. Send us a message or give us a call today at (801) 755-3865.


Eric Douros is a Salt Lake based Realtor and Cash Home Buyer. Eric's realestate profession started in 2008. Today Eric and the team at Imagine Real Estate have helped clients realize their dreams when buying or selling their homes. In 2015 he started Utah Close Fast to help people who needed other quick cash options when selling a property. This includes as-is properties, differed maintenance, probate properties, or divorce. Eric can provide knowledge and experience to all transactions and be the guide you need to confidently buy or sell property.

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