5 Tips to Help You Narrow Down Your Choices When Buying a House in Murray Taylorsville

5 Tips to Help You Narrow Down Your Choices When Buying a House in Murray Taylorsville

Buying a house is a big decision and a big step. We don’t want to make the wrong choice, so we wind up looking at countless houses and agonizing over the decision. With all the possibilities out there, it’s just difficult to be sure which house is the one. So the frustration builds, and the decision just keeps getting put off in favor of viewing even more homes. But what if there were some ways to narrow the choices and make the process much easier? Well, there are. Read on to discover 5 tips to help you narrow down your choices when buying a house in Murray Taylorsville.

1. Figure Out Your Priorities 

To narrow down your choices when buying a house in Murray Taylorsville, you should begin by figuring out your priorities. When you know exactly what’s important to you, it’s much easier to streamline the home search.

Are you, for example, more interested in buying in a good school district than having three baths? Is the number of bedrooms the most important consideration? Or maybe the personality of the neighborhood is at the top of your priorities.

And then, of course, there’s location – probably the most important consideration that also figures into your priorities when buying a house. “A good location can give you more than just a higher likelihood that the home’s value will increase; it can mean a tolerable commute, an easily accessible downtown area with restaurants and shopping, access to good schools, and more. Or it can mean the exact opposite if you’re looking for a home in a more secluded area, far away from the hustle and bustle of town. Finding the right location for your needs will likely make you much happier in the long run.”

2. Determine Your Must-Haves

Once you’ve figured out your priorities, you can then further narrow down your choices when buying a house in Murray Taylorsville by determining your must-haves in a house. So make a list of all the amenities and features that you both want and need.

Begin by listing “features that are absolute must-haves, like the number of bedrooms, yard size, number of stories, age (do you prefer a historic feel or something built in the past decade?), and general condition. Some owners might be willing to tackle a fixer-upper, especially for a lower price-point, while others want something move-in ready.” Then you can move on to features you’d really like to have but can live without if it comes to that.

Knowing what features are must-haves will help you streamline your search and narrow your choices. Be sure to share this list with your Murray Taylorsville so that she can confine the search to houses with those features. To discover more about how your agent can assist you here, just call (801) 755-3865.

3. Consider the HOA

Before buying a house in Murray Taylorsville and as a way to narrow down your choices, be sure to consider the homeowners association and its rules and regulations. This is often just an afterthought for many buyers, but it shouldn’t be.

“[T]he rules and regulations (and fees) associated with a community homeowners association (HOA) can make or break your enjoyment of being a part of that community.” Some HOAs have pretty severe restrictions on what you can and can’t do. You may, for example, be limited in what color you can paint your home, or you may not be able to plant a garden or park an RV in your driveway. 

Be sure to consult a Murray Taylorsville agent at (801) 755-3865 on this matter. An agent should be able to tell you what you need to know about an HOA’s conditions, covenants, and restrictions.

4. Don’t Overly Focus on Amenities

Also, make sure you don’t focus too much on amenities. Sure, a hot tub on the deck or an in-ground pool in the backyard would be nice, but there are far more important things to consider when buying a home. (Remember your must-haves list?)

If you focus too much on amenities, you’ll likely wind up multiplying your choices rather than narrowing them down – there are just too many homes out there with bells and whistles. Concentrate on homes with your must-haves and make amenities of secondary importance. Besides, when you find a home that meets your needs, you can always add those shiny things later.

5. Work With an Experienced Local Agent

Maybe the best thing you can do to narrow your choices when buying a house is to work with an experienced Murray Taylorsville agent. With in-depth knowledge of the local market, your agent can target only those houses that exactly meet your needs and wants, thus helping you narrow down your choices. Your agent can help you stay on track and avoid wasting time looking at houses that aren’t really good candidates. So if buying a house in Murray Taylorsville is in the cards for you, contact us today at (801) 755-3865.


Eric Douros is a Salt Lake based Realtor and Cash Home Buyer. Eric's realestate profession started in 2008. Today Eric and the team at Imagine Real Estate have helped clients realize their dreams when buying or selling their homes. In 2015 he started Utah Close Fast to help people who needed other quick cash options when selling a property. This includes as-is properties, differed maintenance, probate properties, or divorce. Eric can provide knowledge and experience to all transactions and be the guide you need to confidently buy or sell property.

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